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ImportantOur next expo is the Sydney Independent Schools' Expo on 12 March 2017

The Independent Schools' Expos are free events that provide families with an opportunity to meet directly with principals and teaching staff from Australia's best independent day and boarding schools, all in one location.

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School Cadets: Extreme fun leads to future excellence

For pure adventure, it’s hard to beat Cadets. What other extracurricular activity combines sport, camping, bivouacking, tracking, patrolling, navigating, abseiling, bushcraft and tactical camouflage with practical military skills such as casualty evacuation, radio communications, first aid, field engineering and ceremonial drill and parade routines? As after-school activities go, cadet training is “extreme”. But more than … Continue reading “School Cadets: Extreme fun leads to future excellence”

Independent schooling helps bridge gender pay gap

For all the gains feminism has brought women, true equality, particularly in the workplace, remains elusive. Women make up almost half of university graduates and enter the workforce in equal numbers to men yet they earn less and climb the corporate ladder much more slowly, if at all. On the bright side, things are changing … Continue reading “Independent schooling helps bridge gender pay gap”

Pop quiz: Name more than one female scientist

How many famous female scientists can you name — not including Marie Curie? If you’re having trouble thinking of any, you’re not alone; even scientists struggle to answer this question. The ongoing Public Perception of Famous Female Scientists survey has, since 2004, asked over 1000 scientists and members of the general public in the UK … Continue reading “Pop quiz: Name more than one female scientist”

School Debating: Where future leaders forge their skills

“If you get involved in debating and public speaking you will definitely go on to rule the world. Guaranteed.” — Craig Reucassel, comedian and NSW Department of Education Ambassador for Speaking Competitions Last week, Joe Nimmo of the BBC, asked, “Why have so many Prime Ministers gone to Oxford University?” Of Britain’s 54 elected heads of … Continue reading “School Debating: Where future leaders forge their skills”

More information about the Expos

Since 1996, the Independent Schools' Expos have represented a broad selection of independent educators including Performing Arts schools, Grammar schools, Anglican schools, Montessori and Steiner schools, Catholic independent schools, Christian schools and other religious and community-based schools throughout Australia.

At the Expos, parents can engage in serious discussions about their children’s future with representatives from a huge variety of private day and boarding schools. Days and even months of research can be accomplished in just a few hours. For parents who want to provide the best education for their child, these events are not to be missed.

Our website has been setup to assist you to find the right school. Our Resources for Parents page provides useful links to various educational resources such as the Myschool website and the Department of Education, and our School Blog page contains several great articles on schooling and education.

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The Sydney Independent Schools' Expo 2017

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